Welcome to the RAPUNZEL PICTURE PARADISE for the worship of Rapunzel from TANGLED



**********HUGE RAPUNZEL NEWS*******





                                                             RAPUNZEL RETURNS!


Details Found Here:



Hi First up all images and characters are the copyright of Walt Disney and Buena vista and any other copyright holders.

Now with that out of the way WELCOME. This blog is dedicated to locating and displaying all the best pictures that can be found of the lovely barefoot lost princess named Rapunzel as seen in the movie TANGLED released over Thanksgiving 2010.

If you are here at this blog then its because you KNOW that the Rapunzel in this movie is the prettiest and most intoxicating CGI movie creation ever.

If you are here its because her you can’t get her out of your mind and you began a websearch for any images you can find of this charming, free spirited waif and it led you here.

If you are here you can’t stop thinking about those big beautiful green eyes and that silky blond hair. Rapunzel is building a HUGE following of fans first THEATRICALLY and now due to the DVD!…

This pictorial site is a tribute to this wonderful character who is beloved by young and old. Please enjoy these wonderful images of the most delightful animated character of all time! You are invited to leave any comments expressing your devotion, thoughts and desires about our lovely princess. As said Enjoy the pics. I’ll continue to add more as I find them.



Giving another lovely green eyed beauty some recognition and appreciation (though blonde Rapunzel will always be #1). If you’ve seen THE LORAX you will know she is a charming, delightful and beautiful character and an ideal animated beauty to be added to the Rapunzel Paradise.






New Pics Added 2/8/12

Rapunzel (blonde) & Flynn kissing fan art-artist unknown
Our innocent princess


For Fans of both styles of the lovely Rapunzel (Sign me up for blonde ‘zel!)


Rapunzel reacts!





New pics added 10/22

Speculation of a Second Magic flower Source- Tangled Much
Tangled crew having a really BAD day
Rapunzel & Flynn gif having a “scooby doo” moment.


Six views of the lovely Rapunzel.

Oh, no you are NOT getting me to go to a Dreamworks movie!
Beauty under a blue sky!
Rapuzel reacting to “Flynn Ryder”
Rapuzel strikes here deal to see the lights.

New pics added 8/2

The magic lives!
Sweet Rapunzel
Flynn Rider being a REAL jerk in this pic…just look at his face at what he’s doing to our beloved barefoot princess
Brown hair Rapunzel by Arbetta of deviant art
I really, really hate that this aging, slovenly villager has his paws all over our Rapunzel. You can just imagine what he’s imaging with his eyes closed .
Flynn seems to have found himself in a hairy situation. Always nice to see Crystal!
Pascal has the bestest BFF in the whole Cornona kingdom
We see the light and her name is Rapunzel
Rapunzel’s smile could light up the world
A stunned Rapunzel reels from the death of Mother Gothel.
Rapunzel shows off her mad frying pan skill in this gif by Heyoyuuuuu


New Pics 6/22

Who? Little ol’ me?
Why couldn’t we have Princess Rapunzel with BLOND hair?
Rapunzel in the rafters
The infant baby Rapunzel (which wasn’t her name…so what was her true name?)
And all that was going to be put in such a small braid?
..and speaking of Rapunzel’s braid.
Fan art of long blonde Rapunzel and brunette short brown hair Rapunzel-artist unkown
Proof positive DESPITE ALL of Mother Gothel’s actions…Rapunzel still loves her and tries to SAVE her.Confident Rapunzel
Alternate universe where Rapunzel goes fataly vigilante on the home invader Flynn. Mother Gothel would be SO proud.


He knew she would never break her promise
Alternate Universe with prematurely gray Flynn, Rapunzel with brown hair and pascal is a bird
“This is what he’s here for”
Montage of Rapunzel images
Mother Gothel climbs Rapunzel’s hair. (thrown in for the Mother Gothel fans)
Before there was Hendrix…there was Rapunzel!
Lovely Rapunzel fan art…can’t make out the signature to give credit
Rapunzel takes her place among the Disney Princesses
Sorry Mother Gothel but she is NOT sloppy or UNDERdressed
Flynn early in the movie not knowing that the best treasure of all is right IN FRONT OF HIM!
Rapunzel sad gif
Rapunzel Picture Paradise ARCHIVES
Scary Rapunzel
She finally sees the Lights
The sunset is almost as lovely as Rapunzel
Rapunzel-The New Hope
Surprised by Mother Gothel
“I can’t wait until I come back in my animated short film!”
Disney’s loveliest princes ever!




So pretty
Imagine sitting on a log chatting with Rapunzel!

Can you believe Flynn DIDN’T FOLLOW THROUGH?!
Princess Lea has nothing on Princess Rapunzel! Later Jabba.
Nice touch having some floating lanterns still burning when all the others have gone out.
There’s beautiful and then there is breathtaking beauty and that’s Rapunzel in this pic!
Mother Gothel loses her “daughter” forever.
One of the prettiest pictures of Rapunzel in the whole movie.





Mermaid Rapunzel by Daekazu at Deviant Art
Rapunzel to the rescue
MM gave Rapunzel such a lovely singing voice!
Gorgeous Kiss fan art by Paperdoll
Magic hair the glows when she sings
All good things must come to and end…
BLOND-SHORT hair Rapunzel by Rana Tilion at Deviat Art


Rapunzel montage
Side view of a pretty lost princess
He love me, He loves me not..He loves me!

This pic speaks for itself…needs no caption.
This is THE moment that reminds me that this is a DISNEY film
I think this is Rapunzels expression when she realized becoming a royal is just another, fancier form of bondage…by ANOMIMALEXIS at Deviant Art
Flynn-no man in his right mind would be annoyed at this moment.
Alternate universe where Rapunze/Flynn fight these guys instead of singing with them.
If it was 2011 shes have a cell phone in her hand calling Flynn to meet her at the beach or the gym based on her physice!
Rapunzel sees the light
Rapunzels frying pan is getting more love than Flynn in this pic.
Alternate Universe where Rapunzel always had brown hair

If double the Rapunzel was a pleasure imagine triple the Rapunzel!
Rapunzel Strikes Back by djklink of Deviant Art
WHy couldnt we have this BLOND HAIR tiara wearing princess at the end?!
So cute how she plays with her hair.
Our gloriously glowing girl-pure magic!
Rapunzel smiling kind of makes everyone want to smile.



Our lovely lady


Last Burst of Magic?

Love this pic! She is jus to die for! What a gorgeous CGI beauty!

The last moment of commoner Rapunzel soon to be replaced by Princess Rapunzel

Rapunzel returns “home” to a home that’s not really her home.

Imagine relaxing on the grass with Rapunzel and having a picnic date!

great picture of brown hair Rapunzel

Lovely BLUE RAY screen cap

Don’t mess with this lost princess…by djklink20009 at Deviant Art

CLICK TO ENLARGE….Now THAT would make for a MERRY CHRISTMAS! By dkklink2009 at Deviant Art

Whatever you want Rapunzel! What ever you want!

The skitofrentic ( I know that’s spelled wrong) compelation.

Tangled/Tron-Reposted from link found on IMDB-Artist Unknown

NEW 3/27


Nice full lenght pic of Rapunzel and Flynn.

BLUE RAY pic-CLICK TO ENLARGE....Wh wouldnt LOVE to help Rapunzel with the puzzle?

BLUE RAY pic-CLICK to ENLARGE...She is...just..so..gorgeous!

Rapunzel looks away.

By request from an Internet Message Board

Flynn gives TLC in the upper pic...lucky guy.

The detail going into the grass and plants surrouning Rapunzel...just amazing!

Simply one of the BEST FAN ART pictures of Rapunzel on the web! Makes you want to melt!


NEW 3/20


BLUE RAY pick CLICK to ENLARGE-Like the old Belinda Carliyle song Rapunzel "Feels the Magic!"


Lovely work of CGI art creating her own art.

BLUE RAY pic=Click to ENLARGE-There have been searches for this pic so here it is by request.

Intimidating Rapunzel!

By request. Make of it what you will. I prefer pics of her pretty face!

Shes still cheerful after reading the same books!

Rapunzel to the rescue!

BLUE RAY pic CLICK to ENLARGE...Aww who wouldnt want to hold her and tell her itll be allright?

Rapunzels reaction if they day comes they ever announce a sequel!

Honeymoon Fan art. (Modified to be postable)



BUE RAY PIC-Click to ENLARGE-Gorgeous!


Slide Rapunzel Slide!

Beauty by Firelight



"OMG just a couple more weeks until I get millions of new fans from the DVD"



"Ruffians & Thugs! Hey were are all the OTHER women?"

Rapunzel from a parrell universe!

Rapunzel! It was somebody from ANOTHER fairytale that stuck their finger in a pie!

BUE RAY PIC-Click to ENLARGE-Prettiest girl in the "Deep Woods"

Cleaned up with microsoft paint to make presentable for a family friendly page.

“I’ll be yours FOREVER if you promise to take me to see the lights”

"Get my DVD when it comes out and you can see me WHENVER you wnt!"

"You love me? I love you most!"

"Can you imagine me looking a YOU with the love I have for Pascal?"To know me is to love me!

"When I catch you with this hair Im NEVER going to let you go!"


"Mirror, Mirror...forget ALL those other DISNEY ladies...I am the FAIREST of them ALL!"


Our animated Godess!


Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair!

Pretty in Pink or is it lavender?

Our favorite barefoot lost princess!

You are looking at the reason CGI was ever invented.

A million candlewatt smile!

Missing her smile.

Like ANYONE could EVER say NO to our lovely lost princess!

For fans of Rapnuzel with short brown hair bob! Sorry its small but brown hair Rapunzel pics are harder to find than magic sundrop flowers!

By request of a fan of this pictorial page-A princess putting her best foot forward.

One small STEP for a WOMAN...one GIANT LEAP for a barefoot lost PRINCESS-with magic hair that glows!A reflection in lovliness-Rapunzel!

A reflection in lovliness-Rapunzel!

Whats better than ONE Rapunzel? TWO Rapunzels!

Pretty as a Pixel

Appers to be Fan Art but another one for the Brown Hair Rapunzel fans

Beauty of the Sun: From a magic sundrop comes this enchanting beauty

All girl needs is a frying pan!

Rapunzel follows her dream.

CMon Flynn. Do you know how many Rapunzel fans would NOT be frowning at this moment?

Thats one princess who knows how to work a smile.

This pic appears to show that Mother Gothel wasnt faking ALL her feeling for Rapunzel.

Theres no contest as to who is sweeter RAPUNZEL or her pies!

Youre right Mother Gothel-She is ADORABLE!

Rapunzel knocks all thoughts of being "surrounded by enormous piles of money!" out of Flynns mind.

"I have magic hair that glows when I sing" and you can sing to your fans anytime!

Throwing Flynn/Eugene fans a bone since I know he has them!

For Pascal fans

Even Mother Gothel has fans!

Pic for Max fans.

Back to our lovely dart throwing beauty

Be it Blonde or Brunette...always a beauty!

Princess Rapunzel in the plaza

Blonde no more...

Rapunzel excited that her movie is a stones throw from being a $200 million hit?

Racing towards the beginning of her life!

Does Mother know best?

Alleged Hidden Mickey Mouse....you decide.

Rapunzel!-The number one reason to come back from the dead!

She WAS sure there was room to paint some more and she was right!

The serious side of Rapunzel

She was his new dream

Jedi Rapunzel: Flynn Ive got a bad feeling about this!

REUNION...does she have any thoughts of Mother Gothel?

The MOMENT...and the start of the blonde vs brunette debate.

Montage of a a VERY beautiful young woman.

Princess Rapunzel

"I have to KNOW what they ARE!"

No doubts...she has to be my daughter she looks just like me.

Beauty times THREE

Flynn up to his old tricks.

Modified Rapunzel doll-great job!

Saving all her kisses for Eugene 😦

Armed and Dangerous-pic submitted by Tangler Alvars

If only she never found out what it was for and stayed just Rapunzel!-pic submitted by Tangler Alvars

pic submitted by Tangler Alvars

Youd come see me in a sequel wouldnt you?-pic submitted by Tangler Alvars

My movie is still playing THREE MONTHS later?! Just Wow!-pic submitted by Tangler Alvars

And its my birthday too!-pic submitted by Tangler Alvars

With every passing hour-Im so glad I left my tower!-pic submitted by Tangler Alvars

She gets her first look at Corona and Corona gets their first look at her AWESOMNESS

Rapunzel and Flynn give each other "the look"

"Well Mother if there is a TANGLED 2-maybe you could even come back somehow"-Submitted by Alvars

Prettiest new girl in town

Submitted by Alvars

First of many-luckiest outlaw in the entire Kingdom

The moment true love blossoms

Break her heart? Submitted by Alvars

Pixel Perfection!

"He is NOT a bad horse!"

"Dont be scared! Mother is just trying to fool you!" Submitted by Alvars

Whats shifted is Eugene knows hes just captured the heart of this Corona Cutie.

..bring back what once was....

Look out Natalie...Rapunzel as the BLACK SWAN

Our Drop Dead Gorgeous Girl Gif

ADDED 2/27 ….11 new pictures and a new gif

prettiest Painter Ever

Want to get butteryflies in your stomach-just look into this face.

The suspicious Rapunzel

Well she had to get TANGLED up some time to justify the name! Submitted by Alvars

"Should I? No! Here I go!"

The beauty that is Rapunzel.

"I have a deal for you Flynn Rider!"

Rapunzel can even make GIANT eyeglasses work!

East to see why shes Eugenes New Dream

Ready for your close up? I knew we are!

Just imagine Rapunzel being this interested in what YOU have to say!

She seems sad here.

NEW for 3/6

Rapunzel Jedi#2

Fleeing for their lives-nice work with the dam Maximus!

Determined looking Rapunzel pic

Wonder Womans magic lasso has nothing on Rapunzels hair.

Fan attempt to prove Flynn is sneaking a feel on Rapunzels lower back.

Random Pic: Hidden Pinnochio at Snugly Duckling

Its hard to remember shes made of pixels and computer code when she looks this HOT!

"Disney! You WILL make a sequel...you WILL do it right...and you WILL give me my HAIR BACK!



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15 Responses to Welcome to the RAPUNZEL PICTURE PARADISE for the worship of Rapunzel from TANGLED

  1. Jack says:

    This is pretty disturbing. She’s a cartoon to begin with. She is also stylised to look like a pre-teen girl. This level of fascination/attraction for her is simply unnatural. You need to examine yourself, dude. Seriously, she looks about 10 years old and you’re coming off as super creepy. I don’t care if the character is meant to be older. She looks incredibly child like. Gross.

    • MichaelN. says:

      Now let me see if I have this straight. Here’s a girl with breasts and is perhaps only a head shorter than the male lead, and who dances with the mature moves of an older teen, and you think she looks 10? Sorry, dude. When she was a baby, the animators drew a pretty accurate depiction of an infant, and when she was about 6, the animators once again made her to look her age. So when she hit 17…..

  2. rapunzelfan says:

    Well, I appreciate your opinion Jack but who am I going to believe…you or my own eyes. She’s enchanting and her personality in the movie matches her amazing good looks. If you see the movie you may come away with a different opinion on the lost princess.

  3. Baz says:

    While I agree Rapunzel is a beautiful and enchanting creation from the Disney studio she is just that, a character created by Disney.
    To be in love with a fairytale princess and even moreso one that looks like a child is a little odd.
    It’s fine to love her as a character though. 🙂

  4. Elvi says:

    The pictures are fantastic!!!
    Any chance you could post a picture of her with short brown hair? 🙂
    thank youuuu

    • rapunzelfan says:

      Thanks Elvi
      It was nice to hear someone have something positive to say!I’ve yet to find a short brown hair pic but if I do I’ll put it up and let you know.
      Glad you enjoyed Rapunzel’s pics.

  5. Woohooo says:

    Damn, that girl is stunning. CGI and all.

  6. KenwithaFF says:

    Okay, I’ll admit it straight up, I’m a foot fetishist but nobody evil or anything like that. I’m married to a wonderful lady, the best there is, and I’ve got two fantastic kids. But I’ve got a FF, so there you go. Zing me with those arrows! 🙂 Now, having confessed, I’ll speak for all the foot fetishists out there, and there are plenty (something like 1 in 6 people according to studies), Disney’s Rapunzel has **the** most beautiful feet in the history of animation. Rapunzelfan, do all us FF dudes a favor and post ********LOTS******** of barefoot pictures, all angles, tops, sides, soles, toes, average distance, close-up, whatever you’ve got. Foot Fetish Nation will be grateful!!! 😀

  7. Ally says:

    I would love to see some images from the very end, when she’s in the courtyard with all the citizens celebrating!

  8. alvars says:

    I like this place very much, full of beautiful pictures. I also have some pictures and would love to see them posted here.

  9. Dick says:

    what the f**k

  10. Elin says:

    There is nothing wrong with liking animated characters!
    I am sure Rapunzelfan knows that she is a disney creation, but that is not really the point. Yes, she looks dangerously close to jailbait, but that doesn’t make her male fans creepier than underage girls being infatuated with Jack Sparrow, Brad Pitt, or; in my case, when I was 13-14; Jareth, the Goblin King from the Jim Henson movie Labyrinth. (Now I am 33 and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m still attracted to certain movie characters, mainly intelligent villains, and especially Rumpelstiltskin from Shrek – For ever after.) My husband since 15 years (we married when we were eighteen) has no problem with this, as he knows my interest is purely in the realm of fantasy, and that I won’t go chasing after short, evil geniuses with giant geese and curly toes.
    Something we should worry about though is the way in which society imposes gender-roles earlier and earlier, turning eight year olds, or even younger girls into small copies of adult women, not letting them be children. They are bombarded with commercials and messages every day, to turn them into consumers for life, buying their lifestyle while they believe they are original.

    To you, Rapunzelfan, I say: You go on loving Rapunzel!


  11. KenwithaFF says:

    Just a thank-you note, Rapunzelfan, for granting my request and posting LOTS of barefoot pix of this beautiful princess! Even if she’s only CGI, her feet are still gorgeous and, shall we say, stimulating! The pic of Rapunzel working the puzzle while her soles are raised to full view is the best of all the barefoot pix. Thanks again, Rapunzelfan — you done good! 🙂

  12. nick says:

    Flynns relationship with rapunzel almost screams Pedophile, but this guy’s obsession with her…echos it!

    Though that one scene with her(”rise and shine”) looks attractive some what..

  13. Matt says:

    Lovely website, beautiful pictures!

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